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For Pride weekend we're running a workout called "Stonewall". This workout is inspired by the weekend-long demonstration and riot against police raids and harassment at the Stonewall Inn, which many mark as the birth of the modern LGBTQ rights movement.

Since 2013, CFSBK is focusing on issues related to the trans community and our Pride weekend workout will be a benefit for 2 nonprofit organizations serving the trans community: the Sylvia Rivera Law Project and Marsha P. Johnson Institute. Instead of the usual “male” and “female” Rx weights, these suggested loadings will be named after the late Sylvia and Marsha in honor of their contributions to the LGBTQ movement.

To learn more and donate to these organizations, check out the links on the website as well as the donation kiosk set up at the front desk. You can also read our statement of inclusion posted inside the bathrooms and on the website!

We are asking members to make a donation in lieu of the cost of a class. 100% of the proceeds will be donated 50/50 to each organization.