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Active Life Strength-August 2019 AM Cycle


7/30/19 - 9/19/19
Tuesdays at 10:00am
Thursday at 9:00am
2x per week for 8 weeks

Get out of pain, stay out of pain, strengthen your weaknesses, improve mobility and movement patterns, all while getting stronger! This is a predominantly strength based class programmed very specifically to strengthen movements and improve positions based off of your individual needs.

The Active Life methods help athletes of all levels identify the root causes of their pain, injuries, and plateaus, and provide solutions for alleviating and eliminating those limitations through strength training, hands on treatment, corrective movements and program modification. As the Head Coach at Active Life Athletics, Coach Keith worked closely with the Active Life doctors as they developed the system, and led the charge of incorporating it into a gym model. Using those principles, this program will help you identify your individual weaknesses and limitations, guide you through the necessary strength and mobility exercises, and get you moving and lifting more efficiently, with less pain. A pain free athlete is a confident athlete, and a confident athlete is a dangerous athlete. If your goal is to look better, feel better, and live hard into your 80s, this program will help you set and maintain the foundation.

For more information on The Active Life, check out:
@activeliferx on Instagram

Cap of Athletes: 12
The cost is $160 per month ($320 total plus NY Tax). The first charge will occur at the time of registration and the second payment of $160 will occur automatically 1 month later. This cycle is open to all CFSBK members as well as CrossFitters from other affiliates. **Please note that you are committing to specific days and times and there be no refunds for any missed classes or late cancellations.**

What happens in class?:
We will start with testing your single leg strength relative to your back squat, your deadlift stamina relative to your absolute strength, your 1 arm carry ability, and your upper body pressing and pulling. You will then receive progressive strength work during each class to address your weaknesses based off of your test results.

In addition, we will identify your general movement limitations through mobility and flexibility assessments. Each athlete will receive an individualized “Not for Time” piece to complete as a warm up/cool down for group class or during standardized warm ups to address these limitations through corrective movements, stretches, and holds.

Strength movement structure will be:
Single leg deadlifts/regular deadlifts
Stamina back squats/heavy squats
Overhead carries
1 Arm High Pulls
1 Arm Strict Presses
Strict Pull Ups

*If you are unable to perform any of the above movements, appropriate modifications will be made to achieve the desired stimulus.

**Athletes should have some previous barbell experience. Feel free to email coach Keith at with any questions.

Membership Terms
Contract Length: 8 week(s)
Attendance: 2 classes per week
Begin Date: Jul 30, 2019
End Date: Sep 24, 2019
Enrollment End Date: Jul 31, 2019
Payment Terms
Price: $160.00 every 4 weeks

Due Now

First Installment  $160.00
Taxes  $7.20

Next Payment

Next Payment  $167.20(Aug 27, 2019)

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