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Anti-Gravity Strength--July 2019


Are you struggling with your pull up? Are you stuck at the bottom of your handstand push up? Check out coach Arturo's Anti-Gravity Strength (AG Strength)!
7/23/19 - 9/14/19
2x per week for 8 weeks
Tuesdays at 6:00-7:30pm
Saturday at 11:00-12:30
Each AG Strength class will be an hour and a half-long focusing on the strength and skills needed to improve pull ups and handstand push ups. This will include a variety of skill exercises, progressions, weighted and strict practice, and other techniques to teach, develop, and perfect your pull up and handstand push up. *This strength work will carry over into other CrossFit gymnastics moves, including muscle ups.
The cost is $160 per month ($320 total plus NY Tax). The first charge will occur at the time of registration and the second payment of $160 will occur automatically 1 month later. This cycle is open to all CFSBK members as well as CrossFitters from other affiliates.
**Please note that you are committing to specific days and times and there be no refunds for any missed classes or late cancellations.**
What happens in a class?
The initial class will begin with an assessment of each individual's upper body push, pull and core strength. Once the assessment is completed, each AG Strength class will consist of skill work, strength development, and flexibility training based on your personal needs, weakness, and strengths. If a member chooses to do a CrossFit Group Class in the same day, we recommend doing the skill and strength work from the cycle first. The coach can advise on this on a case by case basis, just ask!
These are the kinds of movements you can expect to perform:
Assisted/weighted Strict Pull-Ups
Strict Handstand Push-Ups
Pull up negatives
HSPU negatives
Close grip Bench press
Static Handstands
Dumbbell bench
Dumbbell press
Lateral raises
Db flys
Db reverse flys
Dumbbell row
Chinese rows
Push ups
Sit ups/weighted
Ab wheel
Bicep and tricep work
Plus much more!

Membership Terms
Contract Length: 9 week(s)
Attendance: 2 classes per week
Begin Date: Jul 23, 2019
End Date: Sep 24, 2019
Enrollment End Date: Jul 24, 2019
Payment Terms
Price: $160.00 every 4 weeks

Due Now

First Installment  $160.00
Taxes  $7.20

Next Payment

Next Payment  $167.20(Aug 20, 2019)


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