Range & Resilience Clinic


Spend a few hours deep-diving with Coach Whit into the world of mobility training. Whether you have some current known flexibility or mobility limitations, nagging discomfort in your joints, perhaps find yourself telling people you’re “just getting old,” OR you simply want to learn some new things and have a good sweaty time on a Saturday afternoon… this clinic is for you!

The weekly R&R class I teach is built on the principles I learned in the Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) certification several years ago. When the gym was shut down during COVID and both motivation and equipment were hard to come by, I developed an at-home practice with what I had learned. Some of the results were astonishing to me – like I could all of a sudden finally do high quality pistol squats on my weak left side that had always struggled, without having done a pistol squat in 6 months. But the biggest thing is that I just felt great. I wanted to share that potential with other people, and the R&R weekly class was born!

This clinic will incorporate lecture, demonstration, and lots of practicals/movement (read: hard work). We’ll go over the basics of mobility training and you will leave understanding more about:

  • The fundamental movements of our joints and language to talk about them

  • What is FRC?

  • CARs (Controlled Articular Rotations), and how to do them effectively

  • The differences between flexibility and mobility, why they’re important, and how to change them over time

  • The current state of your own joints; we’ll be focusing on hips, shoulders, and spine!

  • How all this relates to our training and fitness

Human beings are meant to be athletic, powerful, mobile, and resilient. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles have shuttled us towards feeling stiff instead of buttery. Fragile instead of agile. Weightlifting, gymnastics, and aerobic training (see: CrossFit!) have profound effects on our metabolic health, muscle mass, bone density, and cardiovascular fitness, amongst other important things. 

The foundation of those modalities is our movement capacity and quality. Incorporating the principles of FRC allows us to train our individual joints, which are the building blocks of those bigger movements we perform in and outside the gym. Don’t take my word for it! Here’s a line straight from the CrossFit Journal:

 “A limited range of motion reduces work capacity and is indicative of a missing component of fitness.”

Specific, high quality mobility training has the potential to build you a better foundation for all the fun stuff you want to do. You don’t have to accept feeling stiff, tight, and borderline injured a lot of the time. You don’t have to normalize struggling in your daily life or having your “back go out” every six months. Change doesn’t happen overnight, and it will take work, but there are solutions if we make a start. I’d love for you to join me!


Date: December 9, 2023
Time: 1:15 PM to 3:45 PM
Location: 597 Degraw Street
597 Degraw Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217 US
Spaces Left: 9 Capacity: 18
Event Price: $125.40

Registration is closed for this event.