Running Clinic

What: 2-Hour Running and Endurance Clinic
When: Saturday, Oct 11th from 9am - 11am
Where: Red Hook Track
What to expect: This will be a mobile educational clinic to assist a Crossfit Athlete in their running technique and how to train it. We will start with the basic requirements needed for an athlete to run, what might hinder that development, and what to do in order to progress that development. We will actively go through a large series of mobility and activation work specific to producing a strong and replicable running stride for each athlete, yet taking the time to discuss why this is important.

After the first hour of educated-movement, we will then go into a sample session and its design based on the Endurance Program for Crossfit South Brooklyn. This will give some insight on how the program will work and can show what to expect during an actual endurance session.

We will then finish with some basic Q&A for the last 5-10 minutes as needed.

Registration is capped at 30 athletes.

Date: October 12, 2014
Time: 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Location: Red Hook Track
Spaces Left: 24 Capacity: 30
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