Yoga, Mindfulness and Attention Setting Workshop

New Years Day Special Event

Yoga, Mindfulness, and Intention Setting Workshop

Join Sasha Slocombe and CFSBK Coach Chris Fox from 9am - 10:30am, Tuesday January 1st and start off 2019 with intention. By developing a connection between the body and breath, you’ll be able to come back to the breath when difficult times arise whether in yoga, CrossFit, or life. We’ll begin with a yoga flow - accessible to all levels of experience - before moving into breathwork and learn a few simple ways to work with your breath to help bring you back to balance, whenever and wherever you need it. You’ll also learn a simple full body relaxation technique that takes only moments, and can be a very useful tool to have during times of stress or indecision.

Intention setting is more than making resolutions, more than wishing and hoping for things to change. Today you’ll set an intention for action as you move forward into the coming year. Resolutions tend to be flimsy and negative, focusing on outcomes like “lose 10 lbs”, vague notions like “get in shape”, or things you want to stop doing like “eating carbs”. Today (and everyday) is an opportunity to ask yourself - “What do I want to have happen, and what steps must I take to get there?”. You’ll spend some time thinking on a time when you were successful at overcoming an obstacle, no matter how small, and what practices helped. You’ll identify a goal you have for the future, and begin to clarify for yourself not only how to get here but why it matters to you.

This community workshop is open to all members and non-members with a $10 suggested donation.

Date: January 1, 2019
Time: 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM
Location: 597 Degraw Street
597 Degraw Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217 US
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